teachers wishlist




Created by School Family Media and sponsored by Bounty, the Teacher Wish List service connects parents with their children's teachers to help provide the classroom supplies needed to ensure every child in every school has the best possible learning environment. By uploading their classroom supply wish lists to TeacherWishList.com, teachers now can communicate all of their classroom supply needs directly to the parents of their students, and parents now have a faster, easier way to get the information they need to donate much-needed school supplies for teachers.

In a recent survey of elementary and middle-school teachers, 71% reported spending an average of $462 per year out of their own pocket on classroom supplies and learning tools.* Teacher Wish List was created to thank teachers for their generosity. (How many other jobs require employees to pay for supplies?) This service makes it even easier for parents to continue to help teachers.

For Teacher Wish List and for School Family Media, it's all about connecting parents with schools and with teachers to provide the best for kids nationwide.


(Source:  http://teacherwishlist.com/about)