Semi Automatic Grader

Semi Automatic Grader
is a collection of self-installing macros for Microsoft Word. By activating a macro (at the touch of a button) teachers can insert preformatted or customized comments into their students' papers and grade those papers right on the spot!



How Does Semi Automatic Grader Work?

It plugs right into Microsoft Word. Simply put, you spot an error and click a button. Bang! Thorough, clear, and appropriate feedback appears instantly in a tidy comment balloon in the right margin. The instant feedback often includes hyperlinks that lead your students to helpful sites online where they can study examples, practice, or read still more detailed explanations of their habits.


semi automatic grader


It is NOT automated or computerized essay grading. YOU remain in charge; students are still writing for their very human instructor and audience. It's not automatic; it's semi-automatic.


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