National Fundraising Programs for Schools


Funding Factory

( site provides fund-raising programs that increase student and teacher access to technology products - including computers and software. The FundingFactory offers two ways that schools can earn leading edge technology, sports and recreation equipment (including playground equipment), or even cash by recycling empty printer cartridges and used cell phones. Schools collect empty printer cartridges and used cell phones and send them to The FundingFactory. Over 20% of U.S. schools currently participate in the program that is "the recognized gold standard for innovative fundraising."  You can solicit area businesses to send their used cartridges and cell phones to FundingFactory with credit going to your organization. FundingFactory provides free collection boxes and pays all shipping costs to schools and businesses.



Adopt-A-Classroom is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster community involvement in schools. Through its online presence, the nonprofit encourages parents and other community members to help meet the needs of students in specific classrooms through $500 tax-deductible contributions. 

Donors may specify what classroom receives credit for the donation or, if there is no preference, Adopt-A-Classroom will direct it to a nearby, underserved classroom. The adopted classroom receives a merchandise credit of $500, which is used to purchase classroom enrichment materials. The donor receives an itemized accounting from Adopt-A-Classroom that shows how their contribution was used. In addition, the program encourages interaction between the students and teacher and the donor throughout the school year.

Teachers participate in the program by completing an online registration. Only U.S. public school teachers at schools that were established before August 15, 2001 are eligible to participate. After registering, teachers will have access to fliers that can be downloaded and distributed to help solicit sponsors within their own communities. 


Campbell's Soup: Labels for Education


Schools in the United States (with any of the grades K through 12 and pre-schools), licensed child care centers, public libraries, religious educational centers, Head Start centers and United States military installations are eligible to participate in the Campbell's Labels for Education™ program and submit labels/proofs for redemption.  The Web site offers steps for success, information on publicizing your program, a catalog of available products, and more.  School principals may register for participation by calling (800) 424-5331 or online at


General Mills: Boxtops 4 Education(

All accredited U.S. K-8 public, private, parochial and military schools are eligible to participate in the General Mills Boxtops 4 Education program. Each boxtop from eligible General Mills products is worth 10 cents. General Mills issues a check to schools when they submit collected boxtops.  The maximum amount each school can earn is $10,000. No restrictions are imposed on schools for use of funds received through this program. School principals should contact General Mills at (888) 799-2444 or online at to register for participation in the program.