DNS Advanced Teacher Training Program in Pedagogy



Be an Activist, Volunteer and Take a BA in Pedagogy


Do you want to take part in a 4 month study travel with bus to Africa through the Sahara ?


With DNS everything is possible!


We are an alternative teacher training college in Denmark called DNS and we are looking for active people with interest in global education.

DNS offers a licentiate degree in Pedagogy. The programme is very much study self driven and practically orientated where knowledge is acquired by student’s own experiences and investigations rather than from books. Through the programme you will learn while studying pedagogical principles, getting experience by traveling the world and applying your knowledge in the school practice.

After your education you would be able to understand many phenomena of the world and share your knowledge with students, may it be a poor school in the most remote places in development countries or a highly demanding school in Europe.


Join us!





With the best wishes from Denmark